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Message from the Prez
President T. J. Johnson

Why are YOU a Lion???

If someone asks you this question, (someone like your family, neighbors, friends or co-workers), they just may be considering whether to become a member of this organization – the Plano Early Lions Club — what will you say?

In that moment, will you remember that this all got started in 1917 with a simple and world-changing question – “what if people put their talents to work improving their communities?”  Will you recall the last time you asked that very question of yourself –  “What would happen if I put my own time, talents and funds toward making a difference?”

Isn’t that why you are a Lion?  Isn’t it because you want your time, talents and funds to make a difference?  Isn’t it because you see that Lionism is at least one vehicle through which you really can do just that – you can really make a difference!!!  You can tell your family and friends that, as a Lion – your  time, talents and funds — all help make a difference in so many ways: right here in Plano, in Collin County, in your district, in Texas and all over the world.  And, you can give them great examples.

You can also tell them, that in your passion and desire to make a difference, you are confident that, as a Lion, you are helping to develop our future leaders and helping to give them hope and confidence through Lions Youth programs and camps.  You are helping the community focus on health and wellness and to respond with disaster relief when those disasters affect our communities.  You can tell them that you are helping to eradicate blindness by aiding the blind and the visually impaired.  You can tell them that you are a Lion because you know that when it comes to meeting the challenges of our communities, whether at home or abroad, there is a Lions club there working to meet those challenges.  Lions help wherever, whenever and however we can.

It has been almost 100 years since our founder, Melvin Jones, asked the question:  “what if.…”  You, like so many other Lions, answered his “call to service” making the Lions Clubs International the world’s largest service club organization, with 1.35 million members in more than 46,000 clubs with countless stories of Lions acting on the same simple idea: let’s work together to improve our communities.

So you see, you have plenty to say to anyone who may ask you “Why are YOU a LION!!!”  And then just maybe, they, too, will catch your fire and your passion for Lionism!!!

Lions in Service
Member Profile :  Lion Bill Marek 


Lion Bill was born William Wayne Marek, September 20, 1933, in Burlington, Texas.  After high school he worked as a carpenter in Temple, Texas until 1953 when he was drafted into the Army.  A young 19 year old Bill was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone area until 1955 when he was honorably discharged at the rank of Staff Sargent.   Bill returned to Burlington but soon he came to Dallas where the bright young carpenter quickly learned to turn his talent and his skills as a carpenter into a lucrative business for himself.  He built and sold houses, making a good and fair living for himself and his family and during that time he and his  wife  adopted a beautiful bouncy baby boy, a Lion-to- be, Little Steve!

Bill became a Lion in January 1967.  He was a charter member of the Mesquite North Lions Club.  He was Treasurer when he transferred to the Plano Lions Club in 1969.   He remembers that when the Plano Lions Club hosted the Plano Early Lions Club , the Plano Lions Club became the Plano Host Lions Club.  Bill is very proud that he has been a 100% Lion ever since he first became a Lion.   When asked to share his favorite thing about being in Plano Early Lions Club, he says he likes the breakfast and  he likes the fellowship with his fellow Lions.  He says he is very proud that our membership is so diverse and, although sometime things in our club seem a little tough, he really likes that we do get things done!

We salute Lion Bill, a true living legend in Lionism, for his 47 years in service making a difference in the community and we roar with pride for this Lion-in-Service!!

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