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President’s Notes

 Where There’s A Need, There’s A Lion Ready To Serve!!!

The program for the December 2014 meeting of the Plano Early Lions Club (PELC) was an overview of the Computers For The Blind (CFTB) project located in Richardson, Texas.  Lion David Jeppson, Executive Director for CFTB,  was our program speaker. He also spoke of the on-going needs for technical service and other volunteers.  PELC Lion Franklin Chu was so impressed by the presentation and the need for technical service volunteers that for the next three months, Lion Chu provided the Computers For The Blind Office with 44 volunteer hours of professional and technical service.


Lion Franklin Chu (far right) and other Technical service volunteers.

Lion David explained to our membership that the mission of Computers for the Blind (CFTB) is to open the world of information technology to persons who are blind or visually impaired by providing computer equipment, software and training.  Old computers are brought in for donations and the information from the hard drives are deleted and wiped out. Each team volunteer cleans the computer, installs re-imaged hard drive with new Windows 7 and NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) software. NVDA allows blind/vision impaired users to access Windows. It also allows users to “read the screen” via synthetic speech. Each team volunteer prepares a checklist for documentation purposes. Finally, Gil Brand, the operations manager, inspects the computers’ readiness.


Gil Brand, Operations Manager, (far left).

If the computers are okay, they are packed, labeled and sent to USPS for free shipping to the needed destinations.  CFTB is always in need of volunteers, especially those equipped with technical, business, and organizational skills, like Lion Franklin. For more information, you can reach Mr. Brand at 214.282.2581.

We are so very proud of PELC Lion Franklin Chu for answering the Computers For The Blind’s call-to-service!  PELC Lion Franklin is indeed a Profile Lion-in-Service!!unnamed (1)

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