A new beginning: The PELC Roar!

This is the initial post to the Plano Early Lions Club Roar. This is a place for the members of the club to post information on current events of interest to the club, and any member can comment on the posts. I haven’t quite figured out all the ins & outs of the Blog software we are using (WordPress), but as we go along, I hope to add features that make this a useful forum for the club. If you should find any problems with the Roar site, and I’m sure there will be some initial hiccups, please notify the webmaster.

If you wish to be a blog author, please notify the webmaster.

Only Plano Early Lions Club members will be allowed to add comments on this blog. I have set things up so that all comments are moderated, which means that your comment may not show up for several hours. Once I get all of the members entered into the database, I don’t think that I will need to use the moderation facility.

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