Different folks ‘see’ things differently

Lion Mike Marvel (whom I have mentioned before) gave me a call today, and did me the favor of pointing out a couple of typos on the website. Lion Mike is completely blind — and one of the typos that he found wasn’t even in a part of the site that is normally visible. He uses a program called “Jaws” that reads websites (and other documents) to him, and it picked up on the alternate text for the Lions International logo, which I had typo’d.

So a Lion who is completely blind read our website more thoroughly than the normally-sighted members who have skimmed over it. Ok, as I have put on the front page, you guys have until the first meeting in April 2008 to figure out how to comment on this blog, or get tail-twisted for it every meeting until you do figure it out. Enough of begging for participation; it’s gonna cost you not to, starting in April.

The reason Lion Mike called is that he is working on a website for his club, and he plans to put in a link to us. I have offered to host his club’s site for $12/year (which is a good deal cheaper than the hosting company that they were considering), as long as I didn’t have to do any of the website work. I should mention that I will make the same offer to any other Lions club in District 2X-1. I have enough surplus bandwidth that I should be able to handle 10 to 15 club websites. I currently donate hosting to the Plano Early Lions Club, and any fees I get for hosting other Lions Club sites will go to the PELC Administrative account.

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