Some new service opportunities!

I spent some time on the phone this week with our esteemed secretary, Lion Ken, who has just helped his mother-in-law move into an assisted living center. Back when I was trying to be an insurance agent, one of the things that I learned about nursing homes and retirement centers that that over half of the residents of the typical nursing home do not get a single outside visitor from the time they check in to the day they die. There are several retirement and nursing centers in Plano, and these provide us with many opportunities to serve our community. These projects will not require a lot of money — they require something much more precious: our time. Lion Ken will be asking several of us in the near future to put together a regular project at Collin Oaks Assisted Living Center to help with activities once a month.

Lion 1st VP Bill Keyburn has been busy lately! In addition to working on the Texas Hold-’em Tournaments, he has discovered an opportunity to serve our community in the Patriot Golf Day. Their website is:¬†and information on this year’s national observance at Http://

It’s a bit late to participate this year, but all members are encouraged to stop in the Superstore or Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club to see what it’s all about and how, perhaps, we could become involved next year.

If you know of any un-met community needs that we as Lions could address, please let us know!

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