Need Vision Care or Eye Glasses

If you are requesting vision care or are in need of eye glasses, this care is provided through the Lions Sight and Tissue Foundation (LS&TF):

  • Please call the LS&TF Help Line at 972-276-1250 and leave your name, a call back number, and what is needed. Note that a Social Worker needs to perform an evaluation prior to receiving assistance.
  • Once the Social Worker has performed their evaluation and determine the assistance needed, the Social Worker refers the patient for an eye exam or will work with the LS&TF to obtain an eye exam.
  • For eye glasses, the Social Worker and the patient will fill out the Referral for Eyeglasses Assistance. The LS&TF will then review the referral and if approved will send the Referral back to the Social Worker. The Social Worker will contact the patient with the details on how and where to obtain eye glasses.
  • For Medical conditions, the LS&TF will work with the Social Worker to get the appropriate referral and assistance.

Our Lions Club is devoted to vision care for all and following this procedure will ensure that care is provided to all people who need it.

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